Our team of veterinary professionals is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and compassionate care to you and your pets.

hospital manager nicole beck and dogNicole has been working in the veterinary field since 2008. Nicole’s love of animals and her ability to assist clients led her to our hospital. She manages our hospital and is committed to making sure our clients and patients get the very best veterinary services possible. Nicole also enjoys volunteering doing nighttime care for patients that stay overnight at our sister hospital. She enjoys spending time with them, and occasionally, she and her daughter will read bedtime stories to them in hopes of comforting them while they are away from their families.

In her spare time, Nicole pet sits and likes to help stray animals find their furever home. She lives in Middletown with her family, two dogs Harley and Riley, and three cats Pumpkin, Kiki, and Lucy Goose.

Jennifer has been with Ani-Mall since 2004, but she has been a licensed technician for over 20 years. She graduated from Gaston College in North Carolina in May 1999.

Jennifer has a dog named Tara, a cat named Betty, and 3 fish tanks filled with fish! Since a young age, she has had a love for animals, and she has always wanted to help them. Veterinary Medicine as well as Continual Education fascinates Jennifer.

Danielle has been with Ani-Mall since 2014. She has three pets at home named Sookie, Millie, and Shredder. (All of which are rescues from Ani-Mall!)

In her spare time, Danielle likes to crochet/knit, take naps, and be pretty. Danielle has loved animals from a young age. Growing up, she wanted to save and adopt every animal she laid eyes on.

Since 2019, Chris has been working with us during his school vacations. He attends the University of Scranton where he studies Biology and Bio Chemistry. He plans to apply for Vet school this summer!

At home, he has two English Labs names Bella and Boomer and a Dwarf Hamster named Ravioli. Chris enjoys working with animals because it allows him to become more diverse. He loves being able to form relationships with clients as well as patients. To him, it is much more interesting than human medicine because one does not have direct communication with the animal, and your knowledge is truly tested.


Melody is the Lead Kennel Attendant at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital. She has two cats, Serena and Sunny, as well as a Gerbil named Meatball. Melody enjoys spending time with her family, especially her son.

When Rachel joined the Ani-Mall team in 2019, she quickly fit right in with the rest of us.

At home, she has three dogs named Hooey, Bug, and Lacey. She Also has 2 cats, Khaleesi and Kaiya; a bird named Frodo, and a bearded dragon named Mushu.

In addition, she has a horse named Goldie and 2 goats named Zeus and Harley. In her free time, Rachel enjoys horseback riding, hiking, reading, watching movies, going to the beach, and traveling. She has been around animals since the day she was born. She has always been passionate about animals and loves being around them.


Janet is a Client Service Specialist at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital. She is an avid reader and enjoys crafts and sewing. Janet also spends a lot of time with her grandchildren and family. At home, she has a cat named Sweetie.

Sandra Henderson is a member of the Client Services time. She has one pet, a dog named Enzo. In her spare time, she likes to play with her granddaughter, read, go shopping, and take walks.

Suzanne has been with Ani-Mall since 1987. She has a Quarter Horse named Thunder and a "colony" of cats. In her free time, she enjoys vegetable gardening, working with horses, and raising poultry. She enjoys the diversity of our clients and their pets as well as working with talented doctors and a skilled staff.

Christine has been a Groomer for 4 years. She was an OB nurse previously, however, she swtiched careers because she found animals to be more therapeutic.

At home, Christine lives with her yorkie Peyton, and she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and likes going to the beach and riding on a Harley. She takes pride in Grooming and always gives 100%. As per Christine, “at the end of the day, it’s about the animal... Humanity before Vanity.”