Tarin is Hospital Manager of Ani-Mall Pet Hospital. She is also an experienced licensed veterinary technician.

Danielle is Head Veterinary Technician at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital.

Jennifer graduated from Gaston College in North Carolina in May 1999. She is a licensed veterinary technician and has been at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital since May 2004. Jennifer has two cats and a Great Pyrenees named Toby.

Katie is a veterinary technician here at Ani-Mall.

Christine graduated from State University of New York at Cobleskill in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science. She has been working at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital as a veterinary assistant for over a year while going to school online at Penn Foster College to get her Veterinary Technician certification. She also has been teaching basic obedience classes for a few years and runs the puppy classes at Ani-Mall, which are based on positive reinforcement.

Maryellen is a veterinary assistant at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital.

Danielle is a veterinary assistant here at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital.

In 1970, Bruce attended De Witt Clinton High School in the Bronx, New York. One of his science classes was Animal Care. Bruce completed his two-year internship at the Bronx Zoo, working at the Aquatic Bird House and the Small Animal House. He was part of the medical research team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital working with small animals.

A native New Yorker, Alyssa moved to Atlanta, Georgia about six years ago and graduated from the Everest Institute with a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding. Alyssa did not have a passion for that profession, so she found a position working in an animal hospital and loved it! Later on, she moved back to New York and started working at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital. Alyssa has one cat named Andy and hopes to get more animals soon.

Britney started out as a kennel attendant in our pet boarding facility. She is now a veterinary assistant.

Janet began working at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital in July 1996. She has managed a horse farm and showed and raised Alaskan Malamutes. Janet is an avid reader and crafter. She has also served as secretary for several area horse shows. At home, she has one cat and one dog.

Sandi is a Client Care Specialist.

After graduating high school in 1975, Suzanne attended the University of Maine to study Animal Science and Agribusiness. She moved to the Mid-Hudson Valley area in 1978 and eventually came to work as a receptionist and veterinary assistant to Dr. Michael Barra at the Orange Community Pet Hospital in 1987. When we made the move to the current building in 1993, Suzanne was installed as the manager of the Pet Nutrition Center at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital.

Michelle is a certified groomer in our Pet Spa. She is also a kennel attendant.

Lisa is a certified groomer in our Pet Spa. She enjoys pampering your pets.

Melody is a kennel attendant in our pet boarding facility.